Company Profile

Dashiqiao Yutong Refractories is engaged inrefractories’ production, processing and export sales, mainly producing fused magnesia,sintered magnesia, cinder ball magnesium oxide (slagging ball) , rammingmaterials and trade of MgO-C, MgO-CaO, MgO-Chrome bricks etc. Our products hasbeen widely used in the iron and steel making, welding, cement, glass andceramic industries.

Dashiqiao Yutong Refractories is located in magnesite hometown-Dashiqiao city, Liaoning Province, China. With 17 years’ export experience of refractory products and competitive price, fast shipping,  we have cooperation relationship with more than 200 factories in 50 Countries. With great advantages of traffic and transportation, it’s 240KM from Dalian port, 70KM from Bayuquan port, and very convenient to transport by Train to Zabaikalsk station.

To all our customers, one-stop shopping at Yutong Refractory, which can provide a unique and most complete portfolio of high performance refractories. The goal of us is become your most trustable partner and welcome to visit our company for business