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4 product

    The product has the advantages of high strength,corrosion resistance,good slag resistance,and good thermal shock resistance.

    Min. Order: 25metric ton

  • Aluminum magnesite spinel bricks

    Application Industry Of Magnesia Alumina Spinel Brick .
    Mainly using on Burning Zone of all Kind Rotary Kiln .

    Min. Order: 25metric ton

  • Fired Magnesia Bricks

    It can be applied metallurgy (EAF,Converter,Mixer furnace,soaking furnace,heating furnace)etc.

    Min. Order: 25ton

  • Magnesia Carbon Bricks

    MGO-C Brick is made from DBM(or electro fused magnesia grain)and carbon material(full-crystal graphite)with the binder of resin

    Min. Order: 25metric ton